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Reykjavík Grapevine,  12 February 2024 4:45 PM
Palestinian Family Violently Deported, But Safety Of Refugees Remains Top Priority Officials Say
A Palestinian family, detained by special forces on Saturday, February 10, has been deported from Iceland to Greece, reports Vísir.... more

Iceland Review,  12 February 2024 3:17 PM
Volunteer Efforts Prompt Icelandic Government Action on Gaza Visas
The Icelandic government sent three representatives to Cairo, Egypt last week to meet with local authorities and assess the situation regarding Icelandic visa-holders who remain trapped in neighbouring Gaza. Iceland’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister have both said that extracting Palestinians who hold Icelandic visas from Gaza is “complicated.” Meanwhile, a group of Icelandic civilians […] more

Reykjavík Grapevine,  12 February 2024 2:29 PM
Magma Continues To Accumulate, Hot Water Restored
It was confirmed at a meeting this morning between geologists and the Department Of Civil Protection and Emergency Management that... more,  12 February 2024 11:57 AM
Dancing at home to keep warm
Guðrún Erla Jóhannsdóttir og Tómas Hansson stíga dansspor í stofunni heima til að halda á sér hita. The couple Guðrún Erla Jóhannsdóttir and Tómas Hansson are dancing in the living room to keep warm. They live in Reykjanesbær, but they have been without hot water since Thursday when the Njarðvík hot pipeline burst. more

Iceland Review,  12 February 2024 11:37 AM
New Water Pipeline Completed, Hot Water Returning to Reykjanes
Residents of the Reykjanes peninsula, who have been without hot water since an eruption damaged a pipeline last Thursday, may finally be able to take a hot shower later today, RÚV reports. A new pipeline was completed around 1:00 AM last night and has been successfully transporting water to reserve tanks since around 3:00 AM […] more,  12 February 2024 11:30 AM
Hot water is coming!
Water is now flowing into the hot water tanks of HS Orka at Fitjar. The people of Suðurnes can expect hot water to start flowing to their houses by noon today. more

Iceland Review,  12 February 2024 10:50 AM
Palestinian Family Deported To Greece
A Palestinian family comprised of a married couple and their 23-year-old son was taken into police custody early Saturday morning and deported to Greece yesterday, Vísir reports. RÚV reports that Icelanders protested in front of police headquarters en masse upon receiving news of the arrest, which was reportedly conducted by armed special forces. The family […] more

Iceland Review,  12 February 2024 10:42 AM
Population of Iceland Far Lower Than Previously Tallied
The population of Iceland is actually 14,000 fewer people than was previously believed, a statement from the government of Iceland has announced, due to how the population was previously calculated. How the miscount happened The miscalculation essentially comes down to incentives. Statistics Iceland has up until this point been deriving their population figures from the […] more

Iceland Review,  12 February 2024 10:37 AM
Iceland Weather: Storms, Road Closures, and Avalanche Risk
Iceland’s Ring Road (Route 1) is currently closed over Öxnadalsheiði heath, between Akureyri and Reykjavík, due to weather. Yellow weather warnings have also been issued across much of the country today due to strong winds. The Icelandic Met Office declared an “uncertainty phase” in the East Fjords this morning due to the risk of avalanches. […] more,  12 February 2024 10:14 AM
Hot water is flowing into the water tanks
The operation was successful. Water is now flowing into HS Orka hot-water tanks in Fitjar, but the construction of the new Njarðvík bypass hot water pipeline was expected to take place last night, is stated in an announcement from HS Orka. more,  11 February 2024 1:49 PM
Completed building the road over the lava
The work on adding to the pipeline has been going well. The work on the construction of a utility pipe by the Njarðvík pipeline was successful and safe last night. Road construction over the lava field has been completed and about half of the steel pipes that make up the pipeline have been welded together. more,  10 February 2024 1:48 PM
Declare the eruption completed
The short volcanic eruption that started last Thursday and has now been declared completed, did cause a lot of havoc and damages and all of Reykjanes peninsula is still battling hot water shortage. The Icelandic Met Office has declared that the volcanic eruption that began between Mt Sundhnúkur and Stóra-Skógarfell on the morning of Thursday, February 8th, has been completed. more,  10 February 2024 10:52 AM
No signs of eruptive activity
No activity has been detected at the eruption site since yesterday on webcams. No sign of eruptive activity between Mt Sundhnúkur and Stóra-Skógarfell is now observed. However, the formal end of the eruption has not been declared. more

Reykjavík Grapevine,  09 February 2024 3:51 PM
Eruption Is Almost Over
The eruption that started early in the morning of February 8 is now almost diminished, reports RÚV. Einar Bessi Gestsson,... more

Reykjavík Grapevine,  09 February 2024 1:51 PM
Grapevine Events: Wasteland Iceland, Krossfest I, Kraftgalli & More
The volcano is almost dead, the weekend is here and it seems like there’s a lot going on: gigs, exhibitions,... more,  09 February 2024 12:30 PM
Outstanding work conducted yesterday and during the night
The employees of HS Orka and contractors were working all night on repairs on the Njarðvík hot water pipeline. The work on fixing Njarðvík pipeline to get the hot water supply up and running is going well according to a post on HS Orka’s Facebook page. more,  09 February 2024 11:30 AM
Decreased activity and only in two craters
The eruption started at 6 am yesterday, but the activity has been decreasing. The activity of the eruption between Mt Sundhnúkur and Stóra-Skógafell has decreased as the night has passed. Three craters were active in the early part of the night but now the activity seems to be limited to two craters. more,  09 February 2024 10:24 AM
Working all night repairing the hot water pipeline
The Njarðvík hot pipeline goes from Svartsengi power plant to Njarðvík. Work has been ongoing to connect new hot water pipes in the section where the lava flow damaged the hot water pipes from Svartsengi to Fitjar around noon yesterday. more,  09 February 2024 9:13 AM
International flights on schedule
Travelers at Keflavík Airport got a good view of the eruption yesterday morning. Gudjón Helgason, the information officer for Isavia, says that all international flights were on schedule this morning. more

The Icelandic Meteorological Office,  09 February 2024 6:15 AM
No signs of eruptive activity
Updated 12. February at 16:00 UTCIMO has updated the hazard assessment according to the development of the eruptive activity. Changes have been made to the hazard assessment for some hazards within zones. The overall hazard assessment for the area remains unchanged from the last map. There is still considered to be a sinkholes and fault movementsn area 4 (Grindavík).more

The Icelandic Meteorological Office,  08 February 2024 7:07 PM
New understanding of ultra-rapid formation of magma filled cracks in the Earth
On 10 November 2023 the town of Grindavík in Iceland was evacuated as massive amounts of magma suddenly flowed into a magma filled crack that propagated underneath the town. Magma was emplaced in a 'vertical sheet' type intrusion in the Earth's crust. An international team of scientists explains the formation of the intrusion, and conditions for ultra-rapid flow into cracks, in a new publication in the prestigious scientific journal Science. more,  08 February 2024 6:00 PM
Video: Lava flowing at a scary speed
The lava is mostly flowing in one channel. The speed of the lava flow has been quite surprising, with flows ranging from 800 to 1,000 metres per hour. more,  08 February 2024 5:00 PM
Weather Getting Colder on the Reykjanes Peninsula
Lava flowing over the Grindavíkurvegur road. The weather is bright on the Reykjanes Peninsula today with colder weather forecasted. Tomorrow is expected to become overcast with a decrease in frost in the afternoon. "Colder weather today," says Katrín Agla Tómasdóttir, a meteorologist at the Icelandic Meteorological Office, asked about the weather on the Reykjanes Peninsula in light of the latest news. more

Reykjavík Grapevine,  08 February 2024 12:17 PM
UPDATED: New Eruption On The Reykjanes Peninsula
A new eruption started on the Reykjanes peninsula around 6:00 on February 8. This eruption is the sixth volcanic eruption... more news
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