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Lagarfljót Worm Truth Committee Still Investigating

Photo: Henna, August 2004.

May 15, 2014

The Lagarfljót Worm Truth Committee has asked for more time to evaluate if a video Hjörtur Kjerúlf took in February 2012 is in fact a video of the mythical Lagarfljót Worm.

The 13-person committee was set up by the district council of Fljótsdalshérað municipality in August 2012. The district council had 15 years earlier offered prize for a photo of the Lagarfljót Worm, but the prize was never paid out.

Hjörtur Kjerúlf, a farmer at Hrafnkelsstaðir who was 66 year old at the time video was taken has know claimed the prize.

Hjörtur Kjerúlf's video

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