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Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV),       02 March 2024 6:00 PM
Söngvakeppnin final with live English commentary - watch here
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Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV),       02 March 2024 4:49 PM
Likely that magma flow has stopped for time being; Grindavík & Blue Lagoon evacuated
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Iceland Review,   02 March 2024 3:53 PM
Bifröst University Does Away with Tuition Fees
Bifröst University will not charge their students tuition fees going forward, Vísir reports. The university’s rector, Margrét Jónsdóttir Njarðvík, said that this will encourage equal access on economic grounds to study, as the university has charged ISK 500,000 [$3,600, €3,300] for its post-graduate programmes. In February, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation Áslaug Arna […] more

Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV),       01 March 2024 4:38 PM

The Arctic Henge is located in Raufarhöfn, in the sparsely populated northeastern Melrakkaslétta peninsula.
It is a unique and enigmatic monument inspired by ancient Norse mythology.
This modern stone circle serves as a sundial, celestial calendar, and homage to the region's cultural heritage.
Four stone arches are inspired by the four cardinal dwarves of Norse mythology, Austri, […] more

Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV),       01 March 2024 1:35 PM
Faroese in Iceland society celebrates this weekend in Mosfellsbær

The Society of Faroese People in Iceland, Føroyingafelagið, has an 80th anniversary celebration this weekend, at the community centre Harðarból, in Mosfellsbær.
Ræstkjötveisla will see dried lamb meat, or ræstkjöt, which has a strong and distinctive taste, being served.
The doors open to the event at 6pm on Saturday 2 March, and food will be served at 7pm. The bar […] more

Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV),       01 March 2024 11:35 AM
Police have clearer picture of Kópavogur murder

Capital area police believe they know what happened when a six-year-old boy was murdered in his home in Kópavogur at the end of January.
Grímur Grímsson, senior police officer, says that the police believe they have a fairly clear picture of what happened, but do not want to comment on whether there has been an actual confession.
The boy's mother was arrested at the scene. Her custody expires on Monday and the police plan to ask for it to be […] more

The lava flow from the eruption on February 8 got close to the Blue Lagoon and the powerstation of HS Orka in Svartsengi. It cannot be ruled out that water shortage could repeat itself in Suðurnes if eruptions start again on the Reykjaness peninsula. more,   29 February 2024 11:48 PM
Water flooding due to a broken water pipe
The street is like a lake near the roundabout. The Fire Department in the capital area is currently fighting cold water that is leaking through the Hlíðar area of Reykjavík due to a broken cold water pipe at the large roundabout in Lönguhlíð. more