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News from Iceland,  19 March 2023 12:28 AM
Tricky ice sheet up north subject to break due to wind and waves
Sea Ice close to Húsavík. The Icelandic National Volcanology and Natural Hazards Research Laboratory at the University of Iceland published a map of the sea ice front and ice caps in the north of the country. They warn about the danger of walking onto an unsafe ice sheet. more,  18 March 2023 2:37 PM
Skier reportedly with a broken leg after avalanche in Tröllaskagi
Rescue members of ICE-SAR Landsbjörg at work. The photo is from a collection, not taken today. A group of skiers were caught in an avalanche on Tröllaskagi peninsula, close to the south of Ólafsfjörður, and one of them is believed to have broken his leg. An announcement was made about 12:30 PM today. It also stated that no one was lost in the avalanche. more,  17 March 2023 7:00 PM
"This is just the way presidents do things"
The President re-enacted the old picture that went viral. “There are narrow-minded people in this world who say that presidents should not do this. But I say this is just the way presidents do things,” said Iceland’s President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, while donning a differelntly coloured pair of socks and re-enacting the famous image that went viral on the Internet a few years ago. more

Reykjavík Grapevine,  17 March 2023 4:03 PM
Grapevine New Music Picks: Óreiða, Halldór Eldjárn & GDRN, Emiliana Torrini & More
Bringing you the newest music out there with our weekly listings, The Reykjavík Grapevine has branched out into radio! In... more,  17 March 2023 1:00 PM
Still a risk of avalanches
An Avalanche was discovered in Múlakolla this morning. People should stay away from steep terrain because of the danger of avalanches. Yesterday a warning was issued because of a considerable risk of avalanches in the East Fjorda, in the inland of Eyjafjörður and the outer part of Tröllaskagi peninsula. The weather is better today and the avalanche is less likely to fall by itself, but there are indications that the snowfall is still weak. The Icelandic Met Office’s avalanche watch warns people to be traveling in steep terrain because of the situation. more,  17 March 2023 11:57 AM
Less Covid infections detected this week
The number of Covid infections last week is the smallest ever this winter. The number of Covid infections last week is the smallest ever this winter, with 40 samples tested positive out of 292. more

Reykjavík Grapevine,  17 March 2023 10:00 AM
Smell, swirl, sip and skál! The Reykjavík wine scene has never been livelier!
For much of the 20th century it was unpatriotic and illegal to drink beer. When full prohibition became law over... more,  16 March 2023 4:00 PM
The cold in the northern hemisphere captured on satellite
This is what Iceland and its immediate neighbourhood in the northern hemisphere looked like when one of NASA’s satellites, the US space agency, swung over the country earlier this week. more

Reykjavík Grapevine,  16 March 2023 3:14 PM
Grapevine Events: Halldór Eldjárn, FLÆÐI’s Re-opening & Films by Iranian Female Directors
We know what you’re thinking: there’s nothing I’d love more than a weekend so jam packed with can’t-miss cultural and... more,  16 March 2023 2:00 PM
Skating in the early hours of the day
The skating queen sometimes appears in the morning on the Reykjavík pond Tjörnin, where she takes a little spin before she goes on to her daily activities. Mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson this morning brought to our attention this beautiful skating queen, who enjoyed her morning sunshine in the icy Reykjavík pond. more

Reykjavík Grapevine,  16 March 2023 12:33 PM
Sjón Criticises J.K. Rowling On Twitter
Writer and poet Sjón took aim at “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling on Twitter Wednesday for her hate speech directed... more

Reykjavík Grapevine,  16 March 2023 12:29 PM
Alþingi Passes Controversial Immigration Law
Alþingi passed a bill on international refugees Wednesday evening, with all members of the coalition government parties – the Independence... more,  16 March 2023 12:15 PM
Prices might continue going down
A lot of new constructions is going on in the capital area but the Central Banks has voiced concern that the supply will outdo the demand in this market of high inflation and interest rates. More apartments are now being advertised for sale than a year ago and an increased rate of apartments sells at a discounted price and there has been a real fall in the price of apartments. The interest rate environment and inflation also make it more difficult for people to finance apartment purchases than before, but at the same time it looks like a significant number of apartments will be on the market this year and next. more,  15 March 2023 4:47 PM
Geothermal heat could be useful in growing grains in Iceland
Growing grains in Eyjafjörður, Iceland. In two decades, the barley market in Iceland could reach 35,000 to 45,000 tons and the wheat market would reach 80,000 tons and it is possible to produce large portion of the wheat domestically. more,  14 March 2023 5:00 PM
Knitted a stylish onesie for Garðarsson
Margrét Jónasdóttir knitted a warm onesie for Gísli Örn Garðarsson the actor and director. The extraordinary quality of the artwork is well illustrated by historian and assistant Program director of RÚV, Margrét Jónasdóttir, who can enchant the most amazing garments with knitting needles and yarn. She learned to knit when she was eight years old and has knitted ever since like there is no tomorrow. Her latest product is a complete suit or a onesie, knitted for the actor and director Gísli Örn Garðarsson. more,  14 March 2023 12:45 PM
Police is interviewing the suspect
The shot was fired in the bar Dubliners Sunday night. Police has arrested the suspect in the shooting at Dubliners bar Sunday evening. The man is currently being questioned and a bail hearing will be held as the day progresses. This is confirmed by Chief Police officer Grímur Grímsson in a written response to the question from more,  13 March 2023 6:27 PM
The Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs going to Ukraine
Iceland's Prime Minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir. Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir and Minister of Foreign Affairs Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir will head towards Ukraine today to meet with the government. more

The Icelandic Meteorological Office,  17 February 2023 4:36 PM
No clear signs of an increase in activity at Askja
Seismic activity around Askja increased in August 2021 as uplift, most likely caused by a magmatic intrusion, began. The seismic activity was more elevated in November and December 2021 and has since the start of 2022 remained steady. At the same time, the uplift has continued at a very stable rate since the beginning of the unrest.more

The Icelandic Meteorological Office,  16 February 2023 8:37 PM
The weather in Iceland in 2022
The weather in 2022 was variable, but the annual mean of temperature, wind and pressure were mostly around average. In the country as a whole the temperature was equal to the 1991 to 2020 mean, but 0.3°C below the mean of the last ten years. It was relatively warmest around the South coast. The total annual precipitation was slightly above or slightly below average at most stations. But it was unusually wet in Reykjavík and at some locations in the Northeast. Average pressure and wind speed were around the long-term mean.more news
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