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Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RÚV),  15 March 2019 4:24 PM
SGS unions could also go on strike
Starfsgreinasambandið (SGS)—the Federation of General and Special Workers in Iceland—has decided to give its negotiators working with the SA Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise permission to declare the negotiations a failure. The Federation has... more

Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RÚV),  15 March 2019 3:56 PM
What is going on with the unions and strikes?
Iceland is currently engaged in a delicate wrangle between workers and employers. there have already been strikes, and there's more to come next week. The situation is complicated and not many people understand it intricately. Luckily, RÚV... more

Iceland Review,  15 March 2019 2:06 PM
Icelandic Youth Take Part In Global Youth Climate Strike

Reykjavík Grapevine,  15 March 2019 1:30 PM
Happening In Reykjavík This Weekend: Our Event Picks!
This Sunday is St. Patricks Day, which means one thing: There will probably be a lot of drunk people in... more

Reykjavík Grapevine,  15 March 2019 12:44 PM
Replacement For Outgoing Justice Minister Appointed
The Independence Party has retained control over the Ministry of Justice by combining it with the Ministry of Tourism, Industry... more,  15 March 2019 12:35 PM
Actress Hera Hilmarsdóttir in US edition of Vogue magazine
Icelandic actress Hera Hilmarsdóttir. Icelandic actress Hera Hilmarsdóttir is one of fourteen women on the cover of the latest edition of Vogue US. more

Iceland Review,  15 March 2019 12:33 PM
Health Clinics Around Reykjavík Open for Vaccination Walk-Ins
Health clinics around the capital area have received 6,500 doses of measles vaccination, allowing an ongoing vaccination initiation to resume around Reykjavík, Vísir reports. Public health officials have been urging residents to get vaccinated if they are not already, following a handful of confirmed measles cases in Iceland this spring. Three thousand doses of the […] more

Iceland Review,  15 March 2019 11:27 AM
Bank CEO Salaries to be Reduced
The salaries of the CEOs of both Landsbankinn and Íslandsbanki will be reduced in accordance with a formal request from the Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs, Kjarninn reports. The decision comes in the wake of considerable criticism from both sides of the political spectrum, with critics variously characterizing the salaries of Landsbankinn CEO Lilja […] more

Iceland Review,  15 March 2019 10:39 AM
Fish More Expensive in Iceland than in Landlocked EU Countries
Running a household in Iceland is 66% more expensive in Iceland than it is in the European Union, RÚV reports. This was among the findings presented by economist Gylfi Magnússon during his talk at a conference held by the Consumer Association of Iceland and the Icelandic Confederation of Labour. Gylfi found that even when compared […] more

Iceland Review,  15 March 2019 9:40 AM
Parking Spot Security Camera Deemed Not to Violate Privacy
The Icelandic Data Protection Authority has ruled that a resident did not violate the privacy of other people by setting up a security camera in their apartment window to monitor their private parking spot, RÚV reports. The security camera sent real-time images to the resident’s phone, but did not take pictures or videos and is […] more

Iceland Review,  14 March 2019 4:47 PM
Þórdís Kolbrún Gylfadóttir New Minister of Justice
Pictured above: Iceland’s cabinet. Þórdís Kolbrún sits far left. Photo: Golli. The current Minister of Tourism, Industry, and Innovation Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir will add the title Minister of Justice to her duties. Þórdís will take on the post temporarily, replacing Sigríður Andersen after she stepped down in the wake of a decision by the European […] more,  14 March 2019 4:30 PM
Minister of Industry and Travel to take on duties of Minister of Justice
Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir, Minister of Industry, Travel and Innovation will also become Minister of Justice, at least for the time being. Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir will be replacing Sigríður Andersen as Minister of Justice for the time being as well as continuing her duties as Minister of Travel, Industry and innovation. more

Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RÚV),  14 March 2019 4:15 PM
Three climate protests in Iceland tomorrow
Around 1,700 climate protests will be held in over 100 countries tomorrow, Friday, in which students plan to leave their schools and gather to protest the lack of concrete action taken by world governments on climate change. more,  14 March 2019 3:42 PM
Climate strikes continue on Fridays in Reykjavik
Icelandic children on climate strike last Friday, demanding that the government take more action to secure their future. Young people in Iceland are joining young people in over 1200 international cities every Friday at noon to go on strike for the climate. more

Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RÚV),  14 March 2019 3:34 PM
New justice minister announced
Þórdís Kolbrún R. Gylfadóttir, the current industry and innovation minister, will add the title of Minister of Justice to her CV—at least temporarily. The news was announced by her party leader, the finance minister Bjarni Benediktsson, minutes ago. more

Iceland Review,  14 March 2019 3:28 PM
“No Reason” to Deny Hatari Entry to Israel, Says Eurovision Official
If Icelandic band Hatari is denied entry to Israel, Eurovision official Jon Ola Sand says, it could lead to backlash against the Israeli government and the competition’s organisers. The band’s members have previously expressed support for the Palestinian cause and have stated they are aiming to “forefront issues that matter,” leading many to speculate Israel […] more

Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RÚV),  14 March 2019 3:24 PM
GDRN cleans up at Icelandic Music Awards
The young musician GDRN won four Icelandic Music Awards at Harpa in Reykjavík last night: pop album, pop song, and music video of the year, as well as best female singer of the year. She called on all young girls watching to allow themselves to... more

Iceland Review,  14 March 2019 2:40 PM
Asylum Seekers Spent the Night in Parliament Square
Asylum seekers continue to protest in Austurvöllur square outside the Icelandic parliament, Stundin reports. Several spent the night in the square on Tuesday, doing their best to stay warm in sleeping bags. The protesters have now raised a large tent for shelter from the snow and rain. The night was frosty, according to Milad, a […] more

Iceland Review,  14 March 2019 1:29 PM
New Minister of Justice Chosen Today
A cabinet meeting will be held at 4.00pm this afternoon to decide on a new Minister of Justice, RÚV reports. The post was vacated yesterday when Sigríður Andersen announced she would be stepping down from the position, following a European Court of Human Rights ruling that her appointments to the Icelandic Court of Appeal violated […] more

Iceland Review,  14 March 2019 12:06 PM
GDRN Sweeps Up at Icelandic Music Awards
The 2018 Icelandic Music Awards were held last night in Harpa’s Silfurberg hall. Pop artist GDRN (Guðrún Ýr Eyfjörð Jóhannesdóttir) swept up at the ceremony, taking home four awards. Rapper Auður, who received eight nominations, took home two awards for songwriting and best electronic album, while controversial band Hatari left attendees with a political message. […] more,  14 March 2019 12:02 PM
Hatari win music award and address Iceland's Prime Minister
Hatari The Icelandic Music Awards took place with rapper Elli Grill winning album of the year, GDNR best female artist and Hatari, Iceland's Eurovision hopefuls winning the award for performer of the year. True to form, Hatari addressed Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir in their speech of thanks. more

Reykjavík Grapevine,  14 March 2019 11:54 AM
Hatari, GDRN and Víkingur Heiðar Amongst Winners In The Icelandic Music Awards
GDNR was the winner of last night’s Icelandic Music Awards (IMA), but she got four awards all in all. Readers... more

Reykjavík Grapevine,  14 March 2019 11:06 AM
Strike News: Bus Service Will Be Affected, VR On Board To Strike
Workers for the Store and Office Workers’ Union (VR) voted in favour of going on strike, RÚV reports. Voter participation... more,  14 March 2019 10:45 AM
Interpol now involved in search for missing Icelander in Dublin
Interpol have now issued a yellow notice for missing person Jón Þröstur Jónsson who disappeared in Dublin, Ireland on February 9th. His case has gained much attention in Iceland and in Ireland where his family have been relentlessly searching for him. more,  14 March 2019 9:02 AM
Minister of Justice steps down
Andersen will remain at Parliament as MP but has stepped "aside" as Minister of Justice. Sigríður Á. Andersen has stepped aside from her duties as Minister of Justice following the ruling by the European court of human rights that she broke article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights on the individual's right to a fair court trial. more,  13 March 2019 5:55 PM
Sólveig Matthildur celebrates release of new album with a concert
Icelandic artist Sólveig Matthildur will be performing her new and second album, Constantly in love at Gaukurinn in central Reykjavik this Saturday. more

Reykjavík Grapevine,  13 March 2019 3:13 PM
BREAKING: Iceland’s Minister Of Justice Resigns
Minister of Justice Sigríður Á. Andersen has just announced that she will be resigning—or in her words, “stepping aside”—from her... more,  13 March 2019 1:58 PM
Impact of Efling strikes on Strætó’s passengers in the capital area
Most bus drivers at Iceland Excursions are members of the Efling union and the pending strikes will therefore have a big impact on many bus routes in the capital area. more,  13 March 2019 12:29 PM
European Court of Human Rights says Icelandic minister broke law and fines Icelandic state
Sigríður Andersen. Yesterday the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the Icelandic State must pay 15 thousand Euros because Minister of Justice Sigríður Á. Andersen broke article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights on the individual's right to a fair court trial. Andersen has told Icelandic media she will not resign. more,  13 March 2019 11:16 AM
Protesters camp overnight at Austurvöllur parliament square
A man sleeping outside on Austurvöllur. Protestors who are asylum seekers in Iceland and their supporters camped overnight at Austurvöllur parliament square in Reykjavik as part of their protest. more,  12 March 2019 2:20 PM
Wind speed records broken yesterday in South Iceland
Að sögn Björns er veður víðast hvar að ganga niður. The most powerful gust of wind ever measured in South Iceland was measured at Steinar meterological station yesterday at 67.9 metres per second. more,  12 March 2019 11:27 AM
Asylum seeker protest ends in violence
Asylum seekers and their Icelandic supporters yesterday at Austurvöllur. Yesterday, a protest by asylum seekers ended in a brawl and police used pepper spray on asylum seekers. Police action has been severely criticized, both by the public and by MP's today at Parliament. more

The Icelandic Meteorological Office,  25 January 2019 2:51 PM
The weather in Iceland in 2018
The year 2018 was wet and relatively warm. The precipitation was well above average in most parts of the country and the number of precipitation days was considerably higher than normal both in the South and in the North. The summer months were relatively cold in the southwestern part of the country compared to the last ten years while it was warm in the northeastern part. There was exceptionally little sunshine in the southwestern part of the country during the year. The number of bright sunshine hours in Reykjavík have not been as few since 1992. June and July were particularly gloomy in the South West. The last two months of the year were warm. Wind speed was close to averagemore

The Icelandic Meteorological Office,  16 October 2018 9:17 AM
EUROVOLC is bringing the European volcanological community closer together
The European Network of Observatories and Research Infrastructures for Volcanology EUROVOLC is a H2020 Research and Innovation Project of the European Commission. It will construct an integrated and harmonized European volcanological community able to fully support, exploit and build-upon existing and emerging national and pan-European research infrastructures, including e-Infrastructures of the European Supersite volcanoes. The harmonization includes linking scientists and stakeholders and connecting still isolated volcanological infrastructures located at in situ volcano observatories (VO) and volcanological research institutions (VRIs). more news
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     Höfn in Hornafjörður town has risen 15 cm since 1997
     Hikers to bring mobile to Hekla volcano

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